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Rosemary is a native Californian who in her words “had the good fortune” of coming from a military family. As a result, she moved around a lot during childhood. Somehow, most of the movement was within California, providing early inspiration for the style of art she enjoys making today. Art has been a lifelong passion for her. Rosemary enjoys painting with acrylics or oils due to the texture that can be achieved with those mediums. While she sometimes plays with realism and abstractions, her favorite subjects are found outdoors in our scenic Central Coast area. Rosemary has studied with local and internationally known artists she admires, including Marcia Burtt, Lorenzo Chavez, Debra Joy Groesser, Albert Handell, Peggy Kroll-Roberts, Kim Lordier and Ray Roberts.
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Rosemary Bauer – Artist Information
“The land and sea have inspired my paintings for as long as I can remember. My first love is painting ‘en plein air’ using oils or acrylics with a fresh and impressionistic approach.”
Rosemary shares a studio/gallery in Arroyo Grande with her artist-husband, Mike. They welcome your inquiries. ​